Ph.D Students

Current Students

In Progress

  1. Vinayaka G. Yaji: Stochastic approximation algorithms, joined 2013

  2. Prasenjit Karmakar: Stochastic approximation algorithms, joined 2013

  3. Chandramouli K.: Stochastic optimization, joined 2014

  4. Indu John: Reinforcement learning, crowdsourcing, joined 2014

  5. Sindhu P.R.: Wireless sensor networks, reinforcement learning, joined 2015

  6. D. Raghuram Bharadwaj: Optimization in smart grids, sensor networks, joined 2016

Thesis Submitted

  1. R.Arunselvan: Stochastic Approximation Algorithms with Set-Valued Dynamics: Theory and Applications, Thesis Submitted, December 2016

  2. Ajin George Joseph: Optimization Algorithms for Deterministic, Stochastic and Reinforcement Learning Settings, Thesis Submitted, March 2017

Former Students

  1. Ranganath B.N.: Scalable Sparse Bayesian Nonparametric and Matrix Tri-factorization Models for Text Mining Applications (Thesis Defended), April 2017

  2. K.J. Prabu Chandran: Feature Adaptation Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning with Applications to Wireless Sensor Networks and Road Traffic Control (Thesis Defended), May 2016

  3. Chandrashekar Lakshmi Narayanan: Approximate Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning - Algorithms, Analysis and An Application (Thesis Defended), March 2016

  4. Lakshmanan K : Online Learning and Simulation based Algorithms for Stochastic Optimization, graduated 2013.

  5. Prashanth L.A : Resource Allocation under Uncertainty: Studies in Vehicular Traffic Control, Service Systems, Sensor Networks and Mechanism Design, graduated 2013.

  6. H.L. Prasad : Algorithms for Stochastic Games and Service Systems, graduated 2013.

  7. Vivek Kumar Mishra : Simulation Based Methods for Optimization, graduated 2012.

  8. Mohammed Shahid Abdulla : Simulation Based Algorithms for Markov Decision Processes and Stochastic Optimization, graduated 2008.

  9. Ambedkar Dukkipati (joint guidance with Prof. M. Narasimha Murty) : On Generalized Measures of Information with Maximum and Minimum Entropy Prescriptions, graduated 2007.

  10. Viswanath Pulabaigari (joint guidance with Prof. M. Narasimha Murty) : Pattern Synthesis Techniques and Compact Data Representation Schemes for Efficient Nearest Neighbor Classification, graduated 2005.