The directory AlgoOutputs contains the output from our tool for JAllInOne (Figure 4 in the paper) as well as for Sellwin (Figure 5 in the paper). For each source file its matching collections are shown, along with the corresponding similarity scores.

The directory ApplicationSources contains the source code of the two applications used in the case study.

The directory DomainModels contains the SAP domain models, converted by us into a textual form. Each file shows the groupings, collections, and services in a domain model hierarchically.

The ManualMatchings directory contain our manually constructed (gold standard) matchings between JAllInOne and the ERP domain model, and also between Sellwin and the CRM domain model. The format of these files are as follows. Each file is divided into clusters, separated by lines containing only "#" characters. Within each cluster all the collections mentioned (beginning with "^" symbols) match with all the source files mentioned (beginning with "@" symbols.)