Ambedkar Dukkipati : Students


MSc (Engg.)

  • Akshay Mehrotra (Aug 2014- )
    B.Tech ()
    Topics: Deep Learning
    Thesis: -
  • Nithish pai(Aug 2012-Nov 2015 )
    B.Tech (SJCE Mysore)
    Topics: Spectral Algorithms
    Moved to: Xerox Research
  • Abhishek Dubey (Aug 2012-July 2015 )
    B.Tech (University of Mumbai)
    Topics: Deep Learning
    Moved to: Schlumberger
  • Aritra Sen (Aug 2011-Jun 2014)
    B.Tech (Kalynai Engg. College, Nadia, West Bengal)
    Topics: Algorithmic Algebra
    Thesis: Module Grobner Bases over Fields with Valuation
    Moved to: PhD Candidate at University of Chicago
  • Aswin Guha (Aug 2010-Feb 2012)
    B.Tech (NIT Trichi)
    Topics: Algorithmic Algebra
    Thesis: An Algorithmic Characterization of Polynomial Functions over Z_p^{n}
    Moved to: PhD Candidate at CSA (Algorithmic Algebra Group), IISc.
  • Prabhanjan V. A. (Aug 2009-Sep 2011)
    B.Tech (RV Collage)
    Dr. M.N.S. Swamy Medal for Best MSc (Engg) Thesis (2011-13)
    Topics: Algorithmic Algebra
    Thesis: On the Complexity of Grobner Basis and Border Basis Detection
    Moved to: at Microsoft Research, Bangalore (Aug 2011-Aug 2013); PhD candidate UCLA (Aug 2013 -)

Research Staff and Interns

  • Muni Srinivas (Aug 2016- )
    B.Tech (IIT Madras);
    Topics: Spectal Clustering and Algorithms
  • Biswajit Paria (May 2016- )
    B.Tech (IIT Karagpur);
    Topics: Spectal Clustering and Algorithms
  • Pranav Shyam (Aug 2016- )
    B.Tech (R.V College);
    Topics: Deep Learning


  • Sushma Palimar (Jan 2013- Aug 2016)
    Ph.D (NIT Surathkal);
    Research Interests: Algebraic Number Theory and p-adic Analysis

Selected ME Students

  • Paramita Koley
  • Aparna S. Vijayan
  • 2011-2012
  • Hari Krishna Malladi: Moved To: Mathworks, Bangalore
  • Gourav Pandey: Moved To: PhD candidate at CSA (Statistics and Machine Learning), IISc
  • Debarghya Ghoshdastidar (Jointly with Shalabh Bhatnagar): Moved To: PhD candidate at CSA (Statistics and Machine Learning Group), IISc
    N. R. Khambhati Memorial Medal for Best Student of ME (SSA), 2010-2012.
  • D. Manju Venkata Satya Sriram: Moved To: SoftJin Technologies, India
  • Dinesh Kumar A.(jointly with Prithi Shankar) Moved to: Oracle, Bangalore
  • 2008-2009
  • Abhay Kumar Yadav (jointly with M. Narasimha Murty): Moved to: Oracle, Noida